Wisteria Investments

The "Financial Tune-up" is a half hour session with a Certified Financial Planner for a basic financial plan for a flat fee of $250.00. During this "Tune-up" session you will benefit by:

  • Personalized financial planning advice
  • Answers to financial questions that concern you most
  • Direction regarding saving/investment choices.

The Financial Tune-up is for people who:

  • Need impartial advice from someone who has no agenda
  • Who may not normally qualify to retain a Certified Financial Planner
  • Someone not interested in a long-term commitment but wants to make sure they are on-track.

Why a "Financial Tune-up"?

  1. Organize your financial life
  2. Manage and pay down debt
  3. Retirement plan check
  4. Review insurance coverage
  5. Portfolio Review


For more information about a Financial Tune-up, please contact me  

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