Wisteria specializes in single family homes, apartment units, condos and lofts, we also do commerical property

We are currently looking for new clients. We are based in Calhoun, GA we work in many areas of GA such as Calhoun, Dalton, Chatsworth, and all surrounding areas. Please contact us to find out about all of our services.

We will take care of all your rental property so relax and let us handle all collections, rentals, and evections.

A good property management firm can easily become one of your greatest assets, second only to the properties that they steward on your behalf.  We want to become your asset, with our full line of management services we are the best choice you can make

One of the most frequent questions we are asked: Are Management Services Tax Deductible,   Yes these fees are tax deductable for the property owner.

What Does a Property Management Company Do?

Property Management For Individuals

The word property management in real estate immediately conjures up images of big apartment buildings or smaller management business administrating individual properties. Often neglected is how skilled a property manager can assist the individual home owner in making sound judgment and money from your rental property. 

If you own a property or are thinking of buying one in the area of NW, GA then you require a resourceful and competent property management company in NW, GA, like Property Management  Services

We can handle the following issues for you 

·         Tenant applications

·         Holding security deposits

·         Synchronize tenant background and credit checks

·         Collection of rent

·         Management of tenant inquiries and issues

·         Advertisements for eviction (as needed)

·         Supervising repairs/maintenance

·         Marketing for new tenants  

·         We show your property seven days a week, so potential renters don’t have to wait to see the property.

·         We offer a 24/7 Emergency number for tenants to call with and emergency situations.

·         Rental payments can be collected in person, by mail, at our office, and we offer online rental collection .

·         Each tenant is given a welcome pack with all contact information, due date reminder

·         Move In / Out Inspection

·         Monthly safety inspection

·         We offer lawn care for an adisonal charge.

As a veteran real estate landlord I know that a good management company is worth its weight in gold, we being a competent property management company significantly reduce turnover and add value to your investment. It is certainly hard to make an obstinate and bad tenant leave your home once they are in; hence, Property Management Services  runs a thorough screening process, and only reliable tenants are accepted who pay on time, rent longer, take care of the property and are generally not problematic and have a clear record. 

This is done quickly because Wistera Property Management Services knows how to quickly look for genuine information about the candidates and from the information deduce any warning signs. By allowing us to manage the screening process, you will protect yourself from rental scams aimed at owners and inequity lawsuits which are follow-on of the incoherent tenant screening process. Property Management Services, with years of experience under its belt, has clear insight about how to avoid bad tenants, scams and lawsuits. We have up-to-date information about the land-lord tenant laws and make certain that you are not prone to a potential law suit. This is an irresistible advantage, which our management will provide you with. The municipality, federal law and land-lord tenant laws of individual states cover the following areas, but are not limited to the following: 

·         Tenant screening

·         Safety and property conditions of the property

·         Evictions

·         Inspections

·         Lease addendums

·         Terminating leases

·         Handling security deposits

·         Rent collection  Weekly or Monthly

·         We will create a custom plan to meet your individual needs.

Avoiding a single law suit pays more than the property management fees and spares you time, anguish and energy.

 Wisteria Property Management Services based in Calhoun, GA can guide you about which deductions you should claim and how to organize the necessary forms and documentations to make those claims. In addition to that, the property management fees themselves are tax deductible. Our work speaks of our sincerity; our clients engage us for our proficiency and trustworthiness. We are the most appropriate firm to handle your business. Choosing a good management company is vital for your real estate business. A poor choice made in this case can cause monetary loss as well as mental tension. A company providing any less than all this will produce many headaches of its own, in addition to those related to your property. So, go ahead and choose the best property management company in NW, GA.

  We are available to help solve all your rental and leasing needs.

Each lease is specifically created for each property, all of our documents are up to date and drafted to protect the property owner. We are part of your team, your interest is the fundamentals of our business.  No matter how many properties you own or the size we can help.

Let us earn your respect and trust.

Don’t wait contact us today. 706-383-9169

                                                 ***Additional Services***

Laws service to be performed every two weeks (summer Months) and as need during (winter months)

Cleaning of in-side of property, In the event a tenant moves out and the property needs cleaning of the interior areas includes carpet cleaning The fee per cleaning is

Accounting and cash flow analysis: Provided monthly, there is a onetime set up fee of $50.00 per property.  This fee is for setting the account up, there will be no other charges for this service. If you elect to no take this option a standard non-detailed statement will be mailed


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