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Sell you home to use with Owner Financing.  Lease With Option, Contract

Top 9 Reasons to sell your home to us with owner financing...

No1 No closing cost to be paid.

No.2 We take fast ownership of the home.

No.3 You receive your monthly payments one time and fast.

No.4 Your home is now owned by us, we will place it in our portfolio of rental homes we own. We only rent to qualified renters.

No.5 We will carry insurance on the home unless we agree upon other agreements.

No. 6 We do all the necessary repairs and regular maintenance to the home.

No. 7 This is the fastest way to sell your home, you set the selling price, terms and interest rate.

No. 8 After we have completed the transaction you never have to worry about the home again.

No:9 We work with many different types of contracts, Owner Financing, Lease with option to buy, Land Contracts. We do what it takes to purchase your home

Why we are looking for owner financed homes?

After I had completed several courses and seminars on Real Estate. I quickly learned as an investor, I could not have all of my homes financed with traditional bank financing. This had my credit caring 15 mortgages, and placed many limitations on what I could finance. I had to use credit for other large purchases for home repairs, updates and renovations. So I had to find other means for caring the mortgages on the homes. So at one of the real estate seminars I asked the question of what could someone do to help limit this burden. I got many responses with all the same answers, and that was get the seller to carry the mortgage.

After reviewing how many others was doing their owner financing, I decided to get with my attorney and a few select other people and come up with a way that would make this process a lot faster for everyone. Once we have agreed upon all the terms of the privet mortgage we will draw up all the contracts, after everyone in the process has reviewed the contracts, we will then sign and proceed with taking ownership of the home. There are many benefits to the seller, Fast sell of your home, we will receive your monthly payments less any amount that is paid on your current mortgage, if any is owed on the home. You are involved in all the decisions of the sell, from setting the selling price, to selecting your terms. We do reserve the right to pay the home off early, if we decided to do so you will be notified with then 30 days of this transaction.

We have simplified selling your home with owner financing. If you have any questions or would like to sell your tome to use, please contact me by phone, email, or you may use the form below.

Also please see our Q & A at the bottom of the page


Questions and Answers

Q: If I currently have a mortgage on my home, can I still sell it to you with owner financing.

A: Yes you can still sell your home to us.

Q: How much do you offer as a down payment.

A; On average we try to buy the with as small of a down payment as possible. Due to the fact we have to market the home, fix any problems etc.

Q; Once I have sold my home to you, how long does it take to start receiving my monthly payments. After the sell.

A: Just as with any mortgage you will receive your payments with 30 days of the date we take possession.

Q; What interest rate do you pay.

A: We pay from 5-12% fixed rate, it all depends on the terms, and property.

Q; How long are you looking for me to carry the loan.

A: This all depends on the purchase price of the home, we do many different terms such as 15-40 years.

Q: Do you ever pay the loan off early.

A: Yes sometimes we do pay the loan off early, we have also gotten other lenders to refinance what is owed to the mortgage holder.

Q; Do you every buy commercial property, or multi family homes.

A: We are all ways looking for multi family homes,

Q: I want to sell my home to you but in 10 years I will need $8,000.00 for my child's schooling.

A; This is called a ballon payment, during our negotiations we will address this in most cases it will not be a problem.

Q: My home is paid for and I am thinking of moving away to be closer to my family, my advisors plan says I need an extra income for 40years. Would you be interested in a 40 year mortgage.

A; Once all the terms are set and agreed upon, we have no problem with a 40 year mortgage .

Q; I am behind on my home payments I can't get the payments up to date and just want out form this mortgage, would you still be interested.

A: As long as you are willing to owner finance we should be able to work something out, this will also keep a foreclosure from being on your credit.

Q; At this time I would just like to lease out my home can you help?

A: Yes we also offer property management services for those who just want to rent or lease there homes.

Q; What is the cost of having my property managed by you.

A; We have some of the lowest rate you will find. We will negotiate any rates to help meet your needs.

We work with many different situations, if you have any questions feel free to contact me . As long as you are flexible we can work out about any situation.


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